Good to know

Our headboards are specifically designed to match with our beds and vice versa. We do not recommend the use of our headboards with non-Nexera beds as they are not designed to safely fit with them.
You do not require a boxspring with any Nexera bed and all our beds accommodate standard size mattresses.
Our furniture is available directly on our website and everywhere in continental North America through multiple online retailers and available in Quebec and surroundings stores. You can see our retailers list here.
The health of our customers is a priority and that is why our products are certified CARBII/FSC against toxic emissions and also meet anti-tilt standards (ASTM F2057). For more details, you can look up our certifications.
All our products are made in Quebec and we use 100% Canadian materials for the confection of our products.

After-sale Service

Unfortunately, we do not offer this type of service. However, some businesses specialize in furniture assembly and the retailer where you purchased your Nexera products may be able to refer you to one. This said, we make every effort to make assembly as straight forward as possible and we provide several support tools such as online assembly guides, how-to videos, FAQ website section; our after-sale service department is always there to help too.
The hardware bag can sometimes get glued with the wrapping material or get stuck inside the box. We suggest you double check before throwing out the packaging material.
Unfortunately, our furniture can sometimes be damaged in transit or while being assembled. If the damages are showing or if they prevent you from using your furniture as intended, please fill out the 'Order Replacement Parts' form on our website and we will send you replacement parts promptly.
We sometimes recycle raw material left overs into hidden furniture parts that will not show once your furniture is assembled. We also use these as extra protection at each end of our boxes to better protect our furniture. This operation allows us to recycle materials instead of throwing them out and doesn't have an impact on your furniture value and look.
As a manufacturer our warranty is limited to the replacement of defective or damaged parts. If you wish to obtain a refund or make an exchange, you must contact the retailer where you made your purchase.
Although our warranty does not cover accidents or assembly mistakes, it is possible to order replacement parts from our team. Please contact our after-sale service for more details.

Questions on Assembly

If a particular step is problematic, you can view our online help videos in the “Customer Service” section. Our after-sale service advisors can also guide you. Simply contact us by phone or write us an email and we will be pleased to assist you.
We recommend disassembling your furniture before moving it. Our products are not designed to be lifted and too much pressure on the components could damage them. However, it is possible to loosen the camlocks of your unit to free up space and separate parts.
Some small products can be assembled alone, such as wall shelves. Nevertheless, we strongly advise you to be two people for installation to reduce the risk of breakage during assembly.