When you buy Nexera furniture, you promote the local economy, and that makes ALL the difference.

All Nexera furniture is not only made in Quebec, but is also manufactured here by local people and in partnership with other local businesses. We are proud to say that every day we take on the challenge of offering you furniture #MadeinCanada, available throughout North America, at competitive prices and unique designs that have all come to life...here!

#MadeinCanada means that the passion of a local team is at the core of the Nexera products you purchase. Local people, owners, employees, suppliers and customers contribute to and benefit from Nexera flourishing every day. We are proud to support jobs and businesses here, and have done so for almost 30 years now, opening doors to the manufacturing sector of North American furniture.

#MadeinCanada means that Nexera furniture materials and components are locally sourced, reliable and meet the highest industry standards.

We care about our environmental footprint and we continue to develop products that are kinder to the planet, delivered locally throughout North America, made from recyclable materials and safe processes for our employees and the environment. We invite you to check out the “Certifications” section for more details.